Product Positioning Strategies

Product positioning strategies are critical tools that can be used to place a particular product in a customer’s mind for perpetuity. This is mainly done by creating a rhetoric that differentiates between the product a business offers and the offerings of its competitors. At BizImpact, we help to create a clear and consistent product positing strategy for our clients that help their products to be more credible and visible to the consumers.

While preparing a brand positioning strategy for your product, our team of analysts considers the following factors to create a strategy that differentiates our client’s products from the competitors’ products.

  • Evaluating the potential consumers and target audience.
  • Analysing the current market situation.
  • Evaluating the current/potential competitors in the market.
  • Identifying the potential competitive advantages.
  • Identifying Unique Purchasing Propositions.
  • Creating a positioning and messaging statement.