Market Research with Feasibility Analysis

In today’s global market there is a plethora of business opportunities and potential risks. It is essential to evaluate and gather data regarding the feasibility of business before deciding to move forward with a new business opportunity. Our team at BizImpact provides our clients an in-depth feasibility study that analyses the technical and organizational requirements, financial overview, and legal & regulatory issues of the market, which enables businesses to understand the market and decide whether enough demand exists to make the new venture/investment profitable.

 Our market research with feasibility analysis services include the following details:

  • Overview of the market
  • Current Market Scenario Analysis
  • Analysis of current/potential competitions
  • Estimated future market growth potential
  • Analysis of demand in the market, potential buyers, and revenue sources
  • Revenue projections
  • NPV and ROI Analysis

 We combine primary and secondary research in our market feasibility studies to gather information based in reality to enable our clients to take calculated risks rather than wild gambles while deciding to start or grow their businesses.