Business Evaluation for M&A

M&A is often used as a key strategy for well-established companies in their maturing life-cycle stage for growth and competitive advantage. Evaluating businesses during mergers and acquisitions can be very challenging. Factors such as regulatory, legal, accounting, tax, management, and culture of the target company need to be analysed expertly and with great care. Our business evaluation services for M&A activites provide businesses and investors with accurate information that enable them to make critical decisions.

Our business evaluation for M&A services include:

  • Analysing target entities’ business and provide valuable insight into their operations.
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s financial statements.
  • Estimating the risk and uncertainty associated with the target industry and entity.
  • Highlighting potential deal breakers.
  • Identifying and quantifying major contingencies, commitments, and unaccounted liabilities of the company.

BizImpact business evaluation services enable organizations to navigate easily through the complexities of an M&A and lead to fast-track value creation.