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  • 10 Social Media Posting per month
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  • 5 Backlink
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  • 5 Directories
  • 5 Keywords
  • 20 Social Media Posting per month
  • 2 Blog post per month
  • 10 Backlink
  • 3 Press Release
  • 10 Directories
  • 7 Keywords
  • 30 Social Media Posting per month
  • 4 Blog post per month
  • 15 Backlink
  • 5 Press Release
  • 15 Directories
  • 10 Keywords
  • 50 Social Media Posting per month
  • 5 Blog post per month
  • 20 Backlink
  • 10 Press Release
  • 20 Directories

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A Professional “SEO Company” for Bangalore and Hyderabad

Bizimpact is a full-service marketing and consulting company based in Bangalore, India. We provide a full 360° approach for a company’s growth. From understanding your company from your perspective to doing a detail market research to understand entire Industry and where your company stands. From conceptualization and strategy to final-stage execution, we implement your entire marketing and digital marketing strategy. Our services include Market Research, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

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We care for your Money
Our team of SEO Bangalore professionals strives for results in rankings on Google. Our goal is to help your business generate the highest number of sales leads possible for every Rupee you spend on digital marketing campaigns.
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Our unique expertise allows us to offer you certain SEO services that few and only the best agencies can provide


In some cases, finding your company at the top of Google SERP is a very tough – online trust are hard to build and easy to destroy. Failing to manage how your name appears on Google SERP may lead to an undesirable one that is difficult to correct.

Although everyone has encountered tough situations, you do not need to hold onto a low trust your entire career. Working with a professional partner such as Bizimpact SEO means that you can rest assured that our expert team can either erase these marks or move them several pages further down the search, so you can strengthen your web trust flow.


For most businesses with an online presence, organic traffic is the main key to success.

Some SEO guys push the process of backlinking without bothering to comply with Google’s guidelines. Problems can arise in this situation if a website becomes victim to cyber attack or is receiving bad external links. The consequence: your website can be penalized and lose its position for several keywords, and lots of organic traffic.

In order to treat the problem at its source and allow your traffic to come back after a Google penalty, we have a specific plan to ensure our success.






Want your site at the top of Google SERP?


It is well known that search engine rankings generate substantial profits. Our clients understand the value of proper SEO systems, which is why they come to us to develop a strong presence on the Internet and to avoid being left behind by competitors.



This is why never stop researching and studying the latest search engine optimization technologies. Our goal is to provide our clients with excellent and efficient services, and to that end, we have compiled one of the most dynamic and trusted teams among SEO firms serving India.


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